Arab Parliament Condemns Houthi Piracy

by: Maher Ghordlo Cairo — The Arab Parliament condemned what it described as an "armed robbery” and “piracy" committed by the Houthi militia on a UAE cargo ship off the port of Hodeidah in Yemen. In its declaration, the Arab Parliament cautioned the Houthi militia's threat to the sovereignty of marine navigation and international trade … Continue reading Arab Parliament Condemns Houthi Piracy

UNESCO Adds Arabic Calligraphy

Amman — The addition of “Arabic calligraphy” to the list of the representative intangible cultural heritage of humanity as a symbolism of the Arab and Islamic culture in an announcement by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was made yesterday. Jordan’s Ministry of Culture welcomed the announcement and commented that Arabic calligraphy … Continue reading UNESCO Adds Arabic Calligraphy

A Saudi-Iranian Dialogue in Amman

Amman — the Arab Institute for Security Studies in Amman announced in a statement today that Saudi and Iranian experts have recently concluded a security dialogue session that was hosted by the institute. The discussions focused on security and technical issues, which included reducing the threat of missiles and delivery vehicles and technical measures needed … Continue reading A Saudi-Iranian Dialogue in Amman

Jordan and Tunisia Sign Cultural 2022-2024 Cooperation Agreement

Amman — The Jordanian-Tunisian governments' framework agreement and executive program for cultural cooperation 2022-2024 was signed by Culture Minister, Haifa Najjar, and Tunisian Ambassador to Jordan, Khaled Suhaili. According to a ministry statement, Najjar said the "deep-rooted, historic" Jordanian-Tunisian relations are based on mutual respect and understanding of the reality of the Arab citizen and … Continue reading Jordan and Tunisia Sign Cultural 2022-2024 Cooperation Agreement

Jordan Participates in Arab Culture Ministers 22nd Conference

Abu Dhabi — Jordan is to participate in the Arab Culture Ministers 22nd Conference at the headquarters of Expo 2020 Dubai, in cooperation with the Arab Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO). The event, which is scheduled be held on the December 19-20, shall discuss the comprehensive plan for Arab culture and its modernization, aimed … Continue reading Jordan Participates in Arab Culture Ministers 22nd Conference