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#Palmonday’s Amman Post is a progressive news & media website and a part of the Palmonday® network owned by 975AJ, INC. Middletown DE, 19709 United States of America SR 20206121459 – File Number: 3205450 since July 2020 and operated by Palmonday Teoranta registered in the Republic of Ireland Register Number: 729558 since November 2022. The initiative started in Amman, Jordan in October 2016. In addition to covering local news from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, news from the Middle East, and select international news stories, the website also publishes articles and broadcasts podcasts in different categories mostly opinions about health, fitness & lifestyle, human rights, democracy, and environmental issues.

Palmonday’s Amman Post is proud to be an independent journalism entity, without any outside influences, that is not and has not ever been funded or influenced in any shape, way, or form by any person, institution, company, nation-state, government, political party, or the like.

#Palmonday’s Amman Post is managed by a group of independent journalists, creative writers, bloggers, podcasters, and video creators who share a love for Jordan, with the common goal of communicating the message to the global audience that Jordan is the civilized beating heart of the ancient world. Click the photos of our editors to know more about them and to reach their publications.

Dr. Haya Ashour
Editor & Writer
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Maher Ghordlo
Editor & Writer
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Hind Halasa
Editor & Writer
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Ramez Abu Sabha
Editor & Writer
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Sayed Farah
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