Saudi Arabia and Jordan Discuss Agricultural Exports

by: Haya Ashour
contribution by: Sayed Farah

Amman — A delegation from the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture met with Kaled Hneifat Jordan’s Minister of Agriculture to examine expanding crop exchange between the two neighboring countries.

Ahmed bin Saleh Khomshi headed the Saudi delegation. In a meeting. Minister Hneifat emphasized the healthy Jordanian-Saudi relations and the priority of exchanging expertise to enrich the sector in both countries, hailing Saudi cooperation in all areas.

Khomshi indicated Saudi’s eagerness to expand agricultural bonds with Jordan. He also elaborated on facilitating contribution through assurance of the quality and safety requirements of agricultural goods.

Khomshi also met with the Secretary-General of Jordan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Mohammad Hiyari, and his Saudi counterpart, Ahmed bin Saleh Khomshi, to talk over matters of common interest.

Secretary Hiyari praised the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture’s cooperation stressing the significance of formulating means of communication through a combined council to resolve difficulties and bolster endurable exports.