Haj Tawfiq Discusses Trade in Cairo

Cairo — Tools to improve Jordanian-Egyptian trade exchange and the role of the private sector in this respect topped the list of Khalil Haj Tawfiq’s discussions with Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Nevin Jameh, in Cairo. Haj Tawfiq is the president of the Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and the president of the Foodstuff Traders Association (FTA).

In a statement, ACC said today, some hurdles facing the flow of goods between the two countries prevailed, particularly Jordan’s exports, in addition to the possibility of inaugurating an exhibition for Egyptian Industries in the kingdom and trade delegations visits.

Jordan’s exports to Egypt in 2021 tallied $151 million, compared to $482 million in imports.

Source: ACC official Facebook page

Haj Tawfiq asserted Jordanian-Egyptian relations are denoted in various fields due to the considerable support of the two countries’ leaderships, which necessitates the private sector to invest in this situation to ascertain economic alliances that also include Iraq, which will serve common interests and achieve Arab economic development.

He added that many challenges face Jordanian-Egyptian trade exchange, vastly administrative in essence, stressing that removing obstacles will increase the volume of trade exchange.