Prime Minister Responds to Parliament Clarification Request

Amman — In response to MP Muhammad Inad Al-Fayez, Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh said that his government will not cover up any corruption case or even a suspicion of corruption, stressing that this is the government’s approach and what it pledged when it was formed in late 2020.

Al-Fayez who demanded the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources to provide clarifications about energy agreements signed with foreign parties. Khasawneh said that the government will provide the lawmaker with the documents of those agreements within days.

The Prime Minister said: “Most of the energy-related agreements involve significant penalty clauses, and they may be unfair,” noting that these agreements entail international arbitration, and if Jordan loses them, it will result in significant financial losses.

On a related note, the Lower House of Parliament voted on a proposal submitted by Speaker Abdul Karim Dughmi to refer former Minister of Water and Irrigation to the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission, following alleged violations related to the appointment of employees on temporary contracts at the ministry.