A Saudi-Iranian Dialogue in Amman

Amman — the Arab Institute for Security Studies in Amman announced in a statement today that Saudi and Iranian experts have recently concluded a security dialogue session that was hosted by the institute.

The discussions focused on security and technical issues, which included reducing the threat of missiles and delivery vehicles and technical measures needed to build confidence towards Iran’s nuclear program and cooperation on nuclear fuel among other issues.

The dialogue session was held in an atmosphere of mutual respect and a desire of both parties to enhance regional stability, said Ayman Khalil, Secretary-General of the Arab Institute for Security Studies.

Khalil indicated that it is expected that other dialogue sessions will be hosted in Amman in the near future to follow up on the recommendations of the security and technical dialogue and to formulate its details.

Of notice that the Arab Institute for Security Studies is one of a few Middle East-based think tanks focusing on WMD and nuclear nonproliferation and other security issues.