The Jordanian-Egyptian Natural Gas Transmission & Supply Donates Tuition Fees and Transportation Expenses

Amman — The Jordanian-Egyptian Natural Gas Transmission & Supply (Fajr) signed a partnership agreement on Wednesday with Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) within the private sector’s social responsibility role.

Under the agreement, signed by ENF Board of Trustees Chairman, Ghassan Nuqul, and Fajr CEO, Fouad Abbas, Fajr company will provide university scholarships to a number of the ENF students in public Jordanian universities for 2021-2024 will pay their tuition fees and their monthly transportation expenses.

In turn, the ENF engages students in its development programs and extracurricular training to develop their skills in the labor market.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Nuqul lauded Fajr’s role in supporting ENF’s development process and giving the opportunity for underprivileged young people to pursue their university education, which reflects belief in “effective” partnership with various sectors to help Jordanian university students to enter the labor market.

In turn, Abbas said the partnership agreement aims to expand implementation of Fajr’s social responsibility programs, adding that its priorities seek to support Jordan’s education sector as a fundamental pillar of community development.