NATO Defence College Delegation Visits Royal Jordanian National Defence College

Amman — A NATO Defence College delegation, headed by Lt. Gen. Oliver Rittmann, Tuesday visited the Royal Jordanian National Defence College, where they were welcomed by the college’s commander Brig. Gen. Awad Tarawneh and the head and members of the Guidance Committee.

The visit was to learn about security threats and challenges facing the various countries and their strategies in building their position towards global issues, and to help strategic planners and expand their understanding through lectures by relevant national bodies.

It also aims to familiarize with the National Defence College’s strategy in qualifying senior officers of the armed forces and national cadres in the various ministries and national institutions to enable them to draw up policies at the national, regional and international levels.

The 115-member delegation listened to lectures by Military Intelligence Director, Brig. Gen. Azzam Rawahneh, on the challenges and threats facing Jordan at the national and regional levels, Interior Minister Mazen Al-Faraya on the ministry’s role to protect national security, and Lower House Speaker Abdul Karim Doghmi on the legislature’s legislative and oversight role to fulfill the national interest.

Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fayez Khoury, also delivered a lecture on the ministry’s strategy in supporting the Jordanian position at the international level and highlighting the Kingdom’s foreign policy, which is based on dialogue, communication and moderation.

The NATO Defence College makes almost regular visits to member and partner countries, and their trip to Jordan is a reaffirmation of the importance of the relationship and close cooperation between the alliance and the Kingdom.