Bank robber Arrested after 4 Years

Amman — A man, who in January 2018 robbed a bank in an eastern Amman area at gun point, is now in police custody after being on the run for about 4 years, the Public Security Department (PSD) announced on Monday.

The breakthrough brings a closure to the high-profile robbery which kept the nation spellbound for its audacity and precedence. On January 28, 2018, a masked man broke into the local branch of a foreign bank in the Al-Wehdat area, east of Amman, and robbed an amount of JD76,000 at gun point before fleeing the scene.

Despite a massive manhunt and use of CCTV footage, police, at the time, were unable to identify the suspect. In a statement today, the PSD said a taskforce investigating cold cases had recently reopened the case and used previously-collected evidence as well as new information that ultimately led to the suspect.

Shortly thereafter, the PSD added, police agents raided the whereabouts of the suspect and arrested him. After interrogation, the suspect confessed that he robbed the bank, the PSD said, adding that investigations were still ongoing and that further legal action will follow.