Jordan Improves 9 Places on Corruption Index

Amman — The Global Corruption Index (GCI) released the 4th edition of the annual report (GCI) 2021, in which, Jordan ranked first regionally and 57th globally.

The annual report includes 196 countries and territories; it renders an outline on the condition of corruption around the world based on 43 variables, according to the GCI website.

The presentation of the results are on a 0-100 scale, with 0 being the lowest risk for corruption and 100 the highest. Jordan scored 38 this year and placed 57th, an improvement of 9 places compared with last year’s ranking. The report listed Jordan as a country with a low risk of corruption.

Jordan came in 1st place when compared with other Arab countries. Saudi Arabia occupied 3rd place while Yemen and Syria came last.

According to the index, the main indicators that were considered in measuring corruption are the ratification status of key conventions, the level of perceived public corruption, the reported experience in public and private corruption and a selection of country characteristics closely linked to corruption.

North Korea occupied the last place on the list as the country with the highest risk for corruption, with the Congo Republic in the 5th to last place. Whereas the countries that topped the ranking were as follows: Finland, Newzealand, and Denmark.