Jordanian Researcher Wins Award For Early Breast Cancer Detection Device

Amman — Jordanian researcher Tasneem S. Harahsheh won first place “in a team” – in the Hackathon competition at the Challenge and Innovation Forum in the State of Qatar for inventing the “Nanoapta” device, a low-cost care device that contributes to the early diagnosis/detection of breast cancer, as this innovation helps women to easily check and obtain results in a few minutes.

Harahsheh pointed out that her invention consists of two main parts, the development of the biosensor and the development of the point-of-care device.

Tasneem Harahsheh’s Group Wins Hackathon 1st Place

Hackathon is a competition where a group of individual inventors are put together in groups, and have to work together and compete against other groups to solve a problem or develop a scientific project from idea to prototype, within 48 hours. The competition takes place in the labs and workshops of the Qatar Scientific Club.