The 2021 Season’s Olive Oil is of Exceptional High Quality

Jordan’s total olive oil production for the season is expected to exceed 20,000 tonnes. The estimated number of trees in the country is estimated at 20 million. The number of mills is 138 which employ around 1000 people in addition to creating several employment opportunities indirectly.

According to news sources, the Olive Oil Producers and Mill Owners Syndicate spokesperson announced that 40% of Jordan’s olives have been harvested since the beginning of the olive harvest season. The spokesperson added that the prices are stable and olives are of exceptional quality.

Olive Oil of the Highest Quality

As many olive trees owners await the rains before harvesting the olives, and because the weather forecast expects rain in the upcoming week, the olive oil production is expected to rise dramatically.

The farmers follow different harvesting tactics. Some follow set schedules while others pick their olives as late as possible in the season.

2021’s olives in Jordan matured earlier due to climate change. The climate changes raised the oil concentration in olives by 3-4% as compared with 2020. The price of a 16kg container of olive oil is around JOD75 (USD106).