Local Women’s Association Creates Job Opportunities

A local women association created 8 new opportunities through a bread shop and baked goods venture as a feature of the Azem program overseen by the CBD, the Business Development, funded by UNICEF.

A big part of these positions are held for ladies between the ages of 18 and 24, as indicated by a BDC explanation.

Through this undertaking, the ladies will produce bread and cake items to all occasions held in Ghor Al Safi.

Southern Aghwar Women’s Association

The Southern Aghwar Women’s Association is situated in Ghor Al Safi, which is 60km away from the Karak Governorate, and 200km away from Amman.

The undertaking decidedly affected the affiliation and the inhabitants of Ghor Al Safi. Through this undertaking, young women can generate income to support themselves and their families. What’s more, the undertaking improved on the position of the Association, capitalizing on such social successes.

The task was made as a feature of the Azem program to monetarily uphold the networks that were the most impacted by the pandemic.

The BDC, through the Azem project, helped the Southern Aghwar Women’s Association by giving them the devices, machines and natural substance needed for executing and supporting the venture.