Largest Social Media Event in the Middle East

Dr. Ayman Irshaid, the Chairman the World Social Media Forum, announced the largest summit to take place in Jordan.

Irshaid wrote on his Facebook account: “The largest Red Carpet event , which includes the #Peacock_Prize, which is the #1 global award to honor #companies #influencers #celebrity #media who utilise creative methods and innovative content to communicate with their audience, #Lebanon #Kuwait #Saudi Arabia #Egypt Do not miss the opportunity and register now.”

Dr. Ayman Irshaid, Chairman the World Social Media Forum

The Global Social Media Forum will be held at The St. Regis Amman, Jordan on November 24, 2021, with attendance expected to include senior leaders in marketing and public relations, media figures, art celebrities, and influencers on social media platforms, to discuss new trends in the content industry in a manner that suits the new environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the preservation of public interaction and participation.

The forum shall address the strategies implemented by the world’s most successful international companies in marketing their products. The World Social Forum is the most influential and popular event in the Middld East, which discusses the most prominent experiences and innovative ideas in the field of marketing, and explores the best successful practices in this field for the benefit of companies, brands, governments, and individuals.

The forum’s activities include the “Global Social Media Award”, which is the first award of its kind globally, to honor organizations and brands that use social media platforms in their marketing plans, follow creative methods, and innovative content to communicate with their audience.