First AI Defense and Cyber Security Exhibition in the Middle East

Zeid Amin Nasser presented, as master of ceremony, AIDTSEC which is the first AI Defence Technology and Cyber Security Exhibition and Conference to take place in Jordan and the region on 28 & 29 October 2021 in the Convention Center, at the Dead Sea, organized by SOFEX Jordan.

AIDTSEC Exhibition Opening at Dead Sea, Jordan

The event had over 500 participants, over 70 speakers from across the world, and more than 60 participating (and exhibiting) companies and educational institutions.
Zeid commented: “I enjoyed this experience and met so many inspiring speakers and attendees.
I want to salute the team at SOFEX for their professionalism and to congratulate them on the success of this big event, which will be held every two years.
We should all be proud of Jordan’s achievements, as we all work together towards more development and a brighter future.”

Zeid Amin Nasser